“Gerry’s paintings have a very personal style, concentrating on those most English of subjects, landscapes and cricket”.


In 1995 John Hoyland RA wrote:

“Gerry Wright is an original. His idiosyncratic paintings radiate candour, love and humour from his earlier landscapes, always bathed in the light of optimism.

His new works are direct in their appeal, and at first sight, they look uncomplicated, but slowly they reveal hidden resonances, echoes of impressionism, Seurat, Renoir and the attractive awkwardness of Cezanne’s nudes. They possess a kind of frozen stillness bathed in an unreal golden light.  Perhaps with a hint of the metaphysical, but without the sentimentality.

In these knowing paintings one feels the ghosts of De Chirico and Balthus-without the menace.

Gerry Wright’s work is made from the heart. It intends to please, which is hardly fashionable these days. They do not shock and emotion is held in check, but only just.

These paintings which evoke an Arcadian world where Paradise is just around the corner, and they delight us."